Microsoft EduDay 2019!Education Forum in Tallinn

Microsoft EduDay 2019!Education Forum in Tallinn

On December 9 Microsoft Corporation gathered Gold Partners and active Microsoft product users at the annual EduDay Conference. This year the event was held in Tallinn, where more 300 innovative teachers and about 120 manufacturing companies met with common ideas and the goal was to integrate digitalization in the educational process!

The event was attended by leading Microsoft educational project partners in Eastern Europe and teachers-practices.

They presented new ideas on the application of technology in classes, programs and solutions that encourage students to learn!

They noted that the world is irrevocably changing, therefore, innovation does not stand still!

Modern students are very lucky, because they can receive and systematize new knowledge much faster and more rationally thanks to technology!

Teachers can improve the learning success of their students by creating learning communities for independent and creative work! Thanks to technology from Microsoft you can manage your school - from class planning to tracking grades!

Today, when the most of the information is in the Cloud, the issue of security and privacy is very acute! Microsoft has put a lot of emphasis on this issue in developing its products!

Not the first year NAVIGATOR Company has been actively investing and supplying computer equipment in Education and is also the organizer of training courses for teachers in Ukraine. Therefore, usually present at such Forums to keep abreast of the latest technologies, international practices and training tools!

We were inspired and ready to share experiences and ideas in our Training Center.

The event was attended by the Minister of Education and Science of Estonia Mailis Reps.