Transform your business with the Internet of Things.


IoT or Internet of Things is a trend that unites people and objects around them into a single intelligent ecosystem, within which it is easy to collect, store and transmit data, and due to the high potential of personalization and customization, such a system becomes friendly to all users and provides them with a useful and comfortable user experience.IoT combines objects into a single computer network, within which they exchange data and work without human intervention in real time mode. IoT is a technology stack, which is primarily based on the creation of more sensitive sensors for measuring and improving interactions between them. The connection of objects is carried out using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LPWAN, BLE, Ethernet, RFID, ZigBee and other wireless technologies.

For the B2C market, the Internet is primarily associated with wearables, smart home, smart clothing, smart TV and smart devices for animals, child care, etc.

Connected cars and unmanned aerial vehicles, smart city, smart job places, smart grids, smart farming, geolocation marketing are important fields of activity for the b2b IoT market.

 Solutions offered by NAVIGATOR to its customers will transform your business with help of IoT.

Preparation and connection of IT Infrastructure of Data-Centre to IOT (servers, PCs, Cloud Storages);
Setting up, connection and receipt of data from various devices (sensors, actuators, tablets, wearables);
Standardization of integration with the enterprise`s devices;
Real-time analysis of large datavolumes and predictive analytics using IoT streams and events;
Extension of the scope of use of the enterprise`s applications and processes using IoT data.