All computers TM Impression Electronics are being developed at the advanced, most powerful industrial and logistic complex in Ukraine, taking into account the latest technological developments in the world and meeting all the international standards of quality.

The largest industrial and logistics complex Impression Electronics in Ukraine, having an area of ​​5000 m2, is located in Gostomel (Kyiv region). The production is equipped with 5 lines for assembly of equipment, a sector of individual assembly, 3 thermocouples for PC testing and packaging lines, which allows producing up to 1,500 computers a day.

Certificates and quality control

About us

International production

Quality control is the main principle of production. Each finished computer is tested in a thermocouple from 6 to 18 hours, which allows you to identify most possible defects.

Multi-level planning system

The technological process allows to control each stage of production PC and define which of the employees was engaged in each specific device assembling process.

Modularity and rapid capacity build

To determine the computer's full performance, its testing is carried out with different load for 12 or more hours. Suggests that a 100% quality and ready-to-use product, which will not require replacement for a long time, comes from the conveyor.

Electronic production management system

The system monitors the entire production process - from the moment the plans are formed and to the execution of each operation.

Comprehensive quality control system

5% of computers undergo a selective full-scale scan with reinstallation of the system. The results of tests are stored in the factory database for the whole warranty period of the devices (2-3 years).

Independent OTK

After all tests, OTK selectively tests 10% of packaged systems for performance and completeness of the complete set.

Logistics service

Since 2010, there are regular free educational excursions for schoolchildren. During this time hundreds of children were able to see the production process in practice and plunge into the world of high technologies.