NAVIGATOR CORPORATION offers a wide range of innovative technological solutions for performance of current tasks of the modern educational process at institutions of any scale and profile. Besides development, sale, and supply of low-cost and specialized computers for teaching staff, we provide complex solutions.



The offers being the best choice from the experience of teaching staff – from beginners to academics – are based on Impression computer equipment:

  • desktops;
  • all-in-one PC;
  • laptops;
  • servers;
  • protecting devices;
  • interactive complexes (interactive boards, interactive surface, interactive adapters, interactive multimedia projectors);
  • classrooms of natural sciences (demonstration equipment, laboratory equipment, measuring instruments).

For creation of a modern school information and communication environment, a solution that ensures operation of all necessary services on the server equipment produced by the NAVIGATOR CORPORATION has been developed. The cost-effectiveness and convenience of this integrated approach are that from one to several services can work on one high-performance physical server at a time. This ensures performance of any functional tasks of a modern educational establishment, ranging from the systems of security and distribution of e-learning content to administrative and library systems. The solution is simple and easy to integrate into the existing system.



  1. To keep a log and record user`s actions
  2. To ensure the operation of local information services: e-mail, website, e-journal, etc.
  3. To ensure the distribution of electronic content
  4. To arrange a legal, protected algorithm for transfer of digital copies of educational aids
  5. To purchase and distribute e-textbooks, as well as copies of literary works
  6. To use e-textbooks without access to the Internet
  7. To integrate textbooks with new technologies used in studying
  8. To exchange with electronic materials during the educational process, to save and systematize virtual research libraries.
  9. To arrange storage of all educational establishment data
  10. To work with audio and video resources
  11. To increase the efficiency of obtaining access to the resources of the school library by the pupils
  12. To computerize issuance of educational literature and simplify library accounting
  13. To expand the range of library services (pupils can access the necessary educational information even in the absence of books in the library)
  14. To arrange a school distance learning system, with the possibility of conducting interactive video tutorials and conferences.
  15. To provide disabled children with a remote connection to school lessons from home
  16. To create virtual classes, conduct demonstration lessons and prepare for external independent examinations remotely via the Internet
  17. To create a modern educational process management system in the school: personnel and accounting management, school nutrition, control and access management system, etc.
  18. To arrange a system of safe and controlled access to the school's territory, as well as around-the-clock video surveillance system
  19. To arrange safe data transmission between the school network and the World Wide Web
  20. To create for the school network a reliable proxy server, firewall and antivirus
  21. To distribute access to the Internet resources between individual Internet users or groups of users
  22. To keep a white and black list of Internet resources, to log visited websites, to control incoming and outgoing traffic.


High level

High level of technical solutions performance from the leading Ukrainian producer

Offline work

Offline work of all information systems and resources without any need for constant use of an external communication channel

Simplicity and control

Easy administration and control of all school information systems


Fully compatible software and hardware from the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, convenient service and consulting support.

Hardware options

Different server equipmentimplementationoptions for convenience of installment at the customer`s place, without the use of a specialized server room

Integrated development

Integrated information and communication development environment  basedonNAVIGATOR CORPORATION modern solutions will transform your school: make the learning process more skilled and exciting, and transform administrative tasks into simple and efficient.