Increasing demand for data calculation and storage contributes toincrease in servers’ size and development.


In the modern world of big data, the demands forfast and reliable calculation and storage of information create conditions for creation of server farms. The need for fast calculation and storage ofdata assets, which are continuously increasing, leads to increased marketdemand for large-scale and powerful data processing centers, which can include hundreds of thousands of servers. Such centers not only require large area and sources but also consume large amounts of energy and sources.

Solutions, offered by the NAVIGATOR for datacentres, bring a special focus on fast scaling, sources use efficiency, decrease of total cost of ownership. All that become possible due to a cutting-edge virtualization technology, which theNAVIGATOR used in its solutions and is offering to its customers.

The world trend is a rising consumption of video data, which require not only powerful equipment for its creation, but High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), that provides higher level of compression of moving images for wide variety of applications, such as current transfer on the Internet, data transfer, video conferencing, digital devices, which memorize television broadcasting, as well.

The integrated solutions of the NAVIGATOR on the smart SDN & NDF platforms of the world-famous manufacturers will become useful for various business fields and will offer efficient solutions for calculating and processing large volumes of data.