The NAVIGATOR realizes a social responsibility of a business in contributionto the extension of modern technologies and making them available for the Ukrainians.


The Navigator Corporation has a clear position - business has to contribute to the development of education sector to secure the succession of personnel,as well as to be open to current demands of the society.

One of strategic tasks of the company is to return a prestige of engineering and create conditions for comfortable work of engineering personnel in Ukraine.

An important direction of the social activity of the company is the contribution in a development and improvement of a quality education starting from the primary school up to the leading higher educational establishments of a country.

As a local player of IT-marketNavigator Corporation actively contributes to popularization of a healthy life-style among Ukrainian people supporting local and All-Ukrainian sports events.

Integration of people with special needs to the professional and labour life is another direction of the social work leaded by the NAVIGATOR CORPORATION.