Prozorro system has established a principle “Everybody sees everything” in tendering. Since its appearance any person may check the work of companies-participants that creates healthy environment for businesseshaving such values as openness, fair competition, and equal access to information.


For NAVIGATOR openness provided by the state procurement system Prozorro is an additional incentive to preparetender bids more carefully and be open to new offersand experience as well.

Every day Prozorro platform proves its efficiency but for its improvement, it is necessary to constantly improve and extend the system of supplier selection criteria. Such approach will allow customers to obtain more qualitative services from approved suppliers, whose capability not only to win but provide all conditions for a further agreement is proved by required documents and reputation. For suppliers, in their turn, additional quality requirements will become an incentive to make more real offers and carry out forward-looking policy.

NAVIGATOR has a high percentage of won tenders – 42,9%, and continues to declare itself as the reliable manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of computer systems. A high rating of the company in its preparation of all necessary documents, required by the employer for tender participation, and a low percentage of rejections prove team’s competence and a wide range of possibilities, which NAVIGATOR can offer its employers.

Owning to online state procurements,a need for the qualified staff has increased, and, as a consequence, a number of job places have increased, as well. Over the past year, theNAVIGATOR extended its tender department. The competences of our employees engaged into the project are improving constantly due to ProZorro training platform and the team that arranges trainings, provides maximum information that gradually advances knowledge of both the Employer and the Suppliers.

The maincustomer of the NAVIGATOR are the state-owned companies. We cooperate with the customers all around the country, and due to ProZorro itself, we have had a real opportunity to cooperate with remote areas throughout Ukraine and not to limit itself only within boundaries of the capital.

NAVIGATOR actively working on vertical markets, in particular, education field draws a special interest, for which we provide PC to schools and educational establishments of various types of ownership.

We, as a business,support instruments of online bidding, though there are always points for improvements and we are open to a dialogue and call all participants of the system to share experience since improvement of ProZorro is a unique opportunity for business and public sector to create corruption-free business environment.


No.1 Supplier of PCs and servers for government.

NAVIGATOR code in ProZorro system is 42893689. Under this number, you may monitor the whole company’s activity in e-bidding.

CUSTOMERS say about us:

  Reliable supplier

of computer equipment with licensed software and warranty service



in preparation and holding tenders


  Open and responsible company 
is protection and guarantee for customer on products and services acquired via ProZorro e-source

COMPETITORS say about us:

  Active and strong

performer on ProZorro


a high percentage of wontenders


the competent and experienced tender team

PARTNERS say about us: 

  Customer benefits 

solution from the Partner+computer equipment=additional benefits for Customers

  Favourable business terms and conditions

throughout Ukraine: additional services, guarantee, maintenance at the expense of the NAVIGATOR  

Our references for the Services, products, project solutions from ProZorro Customers:

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