NAVIGATOR officially represents in Ukraine the leading manufacturers of system equipment for DataCentres and software for storage, processing, analytics and data backup.


Navigator is a leader of the Ukrainian IT market, leading supplier of system equipment for Data Centres, processing and analytics of data backup.

NAVIGATOR with 22-years of successful experience and cooperation with global companies of various areas of business. Today the Ukrainian company NAVIGATOR is engaged not only in supply, but also in development and installation of computer systems and server equipment. The company offers complex solutions with regard to configuration analysis and supply of server systems for businesses of any scale.

NAVIGATOR cooperates with leading international brands – manufactures and distributors of software and server equipment: Supermicro; Dell; Cisco; IBM; Nettap.Besides, the company offers its user and business clients its own server equipment, developed with regard for current needs of the Ukrainian customer, which is supplied under ImpressionNetNavigator brand. Experts of the NAVIGATOR are engaged in the development of server equipment of various purposes and complexity, starting from the systems with minimal requirements for the entry level tasks, to specialized high-performance systems.

Advantages of working with a server

A server is an essential component in a company’s work, which ensures business stability and protection of business processes against external influences. With the help of servers, employees have a possibility to share quicklythe information, important documents orget connected to the network, store important files and receive access to necessary materials and files. Therefore, for a successful business activity and well-coordinated employees’ work one should choose and purchase a server, which ensures storage of important information and increases productivity of work.

Specific requirements have been made to server equipment from its inception. It relates to the fact that a server system operates 24/7 without weekends and breaks, in contrast with personal computers and other operating machines. That is why server brings productivity, reliability and stability into a business processes. That’s why customers make serious requirements to reliability of server systems.

Most people, when choosing a server, firstly pay their attention to the price, considering that the higher the price, the more reliable the system is. But when choosing a server, first of all, one should determine a task, which it will solve, since owing to a smart advice of a server specialist, as well as correct selection of a model and its components, one may purchase a server maximum meeting requirements of one’s business at better price.

Servers configurator is a system of selection of appropriate components connection for obtaining the best result. With its help one can quickly and easily select a server and compose the required assembling, for example, add software. Servers configurator allows to set up a server toany demands: from standard file server to computer cluster.

NAVIGATOR technical specialists will help to select a server to the demands of your business, install it and test the decision, made by a client, in order to make sure that the client receives a server, which maximally meet the demands of his business.

The server of entry level will be suitable mostly for businesses with a small number of employees. It has low productivity, but it is enough for work of up to two dozens of employees, and the price of such server will be reasonable even for a small business.

If the client needs a system for solving more complicated tasks, the attention should be paid to the high-capacity server.

Server equipment is chosen for such tasks:

Continuous access to the Internet network.

Operation of mailbox server.

Informationstorage in a base.

Operation of necessary programmes for business, for example, book-keeping, logistics, accounting systems.

Jointconnection of the employees to office equipment and peripheral devices.

Navigator sellsservers of different capacity for both small and large business. The company experts will help you to choose equipment correctly and advise you on any issues.

The Navigator pleased to offer:

The best choice of servers.

Personal work with each client.

Reasonable prices.

Expert advice and assistance in choosing of server equipment for business.

The Navigator is not only a long-term guarantee, but also a quality, fast lineservicebackup on the whole territory of Ukraine, as well as unblemished reputation of a vendor and professional competence of a team.

 You may buy a server in Ukraine on the official website of manufacturer.