The Smart Grid technology ensures efficiency to meet the growing demand for electrical energy that is more stable and is the most high-quality.


Power Smart Grid is a technology that ensures simplification and establishment of an efficient and reliable smart source-to-source energy supply system by means of integration of the newest technologies from global manufacturers and renewable energy sources, reasonable transmission and distribution.

So, Smart Grid technology allows meeting demand for electrical energy with a more stable reliability and better quality.

Thanks to Smart Grid it became possible to carry out monitoring and management of the energy system in real-time mode, which allows reducing the losses, carry out control over demand and demand management, as well as controlling the quality of energy, power cut-off and uniting all elements into smart energy saving system.


The NAVIGATOR, understanding a big potential of the Smart Grid technology as a mainline infrastructure that supports such latest business models like electric cars and unmanned vehicles, smart city, smart parking, etc.,alreadymakes the first steps in implementation of the Smart Grid technology into different business fields.

Solutions in applying POWER GRID technology offered by the NAVIGATOR will allow scaling your business, monitoring electrical energy consumption in real-time mode, implementing algorithms of quick response and analyzing modifications.