The main event of an educational field of Ukraine – the Ninth International Exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments-2018” took place once again at Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth from the 15th to 17th of March.

Exhibition that has an international status attracted more than 800 participants from 25 regions of Ukraine and 25 countries of the world; more than 50 conferences, seminars, presentations, masterclasses; more than 14 thousand of visitors.

The exhibition has been the most top-rated and scale-rated one in Ukraine by its professional and scientific level, the content of a business program on the most challenging and important issues in the field of education, the number of participants at all levels of education and the number of visitors for many years.

This year at the exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments-2018” it was possible to familiarize with the stands of the representatives of universities, academies, institutes, colleges, technical high schools, scientific institutions of different forms of ownership; professional and technical institutions, colleges, technical high schools, scientific and methodological centres of professional and technical education; regional and city administrations (departments) of education, educational offices, methodical offices, centres, services of the joint territorial communities; secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, pre-school and non-scholastic educational establishments; publications, funds, accusations, educational portals; manufacturers and suppliers of modern teaching aids, advanced technologies, equipment, projects, programmes and solutions for implementations into the teaching process and management of educational establishments.

"Modern Solutions for Education" exhibition stand presented modern and innovative solutions for the New Ukrainian School, created in cooperation of the "Rozumniki" and partners - NAVIGATOR, Microsoft, and Intel.

A special attention of the visitors was paid to the modern Smart Class of primary school and the Smart Teach teacher's interactive workspace (developed in accordance with the concept of New Ukrainian School).

During the exhibition, a real-time communication with visitors, consultations with the representatives of the Multimedia Publishing House"Rozumnyky" and NAVIGATOR took place on the interactive exhibition stand "Modern Educational Solutions", as well asprize drawing, which was attended by more than 200 visitors of the exhibition.

In addition to the demonstration part, the plan of the event envisaged both scientific and training sessions.

During the exhibition, the seminar and awarding the winners of the contest for the best innovative lesson with the use of electronic resources took place.

Maya Voronka won the Grand Prix of the contest and was awarded a title "Smart Teacher – 2018".

Other 9 teachers became winners in the nominations: "The best idea is a Smart Lesson – 2018" (O.A. Bakunets, O.P. Karnaukh, N.H. Cherkasenko), "The Best Smart Lesson – 2018" (I.V. Bezbozhna, O.H. Lytvynenko, I.V. Matiunina), "Best Innovation Lesson – 2018" (S.B. Mishura, O.Yu. Simitko, O.V. Yuschuk)

The course of the exhibition, questions raised by those interested in innovative teaching methods for educators, as well as the responses received by the "Rozumniki" and NAVIGATOR at each joint event, make it possible to state with certainty that implementation of the principles of the NEW Ukrainian School in primary school continues and that progressive teachers hold on their shoulders  an important mission – to attract pupils to innovative educational methods and create an additional value for them in school.

To find more details about the NAVIGATOR educational projects and get advice or calculate costs for your educational establishment, write a letter to education@navigator.ua.

For reference:

Specially for the youngest and most inquisitive pupils, the "Rozumniki" project targeted at introduction of interactive play-based learning in Ukrainian schools.

Pedagogical experiment "Rozumniki" is organized by the Institute of Education Content Modernization in partnership with the Institute of Information Technologies and Learning, and the individual devices used by pupils on the lessons are jointly developed by the NAVIGATOR, Impression Electronics, Microsoft, Intel and equipped with unique software produced by the Multimedia Publishing HouseHouse"Rozumniki".