On the 29th of March, the ProZorroteam drew suppliers in a cosy PeremohaSpace in order to analyze cases together and to know the "receipts" of victories in tenders. 

NAVIGATOR team also jointed the discussion and leant with interest about the changes in legislation, which are waiting for the participants of ProZorro system in the nearest time, and also took part in a practical part of the meeting and exactly in consideration of participants' cases. 

Around 200 visitors attended the event: representatives of tender departments, directors, lawyers, legal advocates, representatives of the customers.

Deputy Director of the Department for Public Procurement Regulation of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Nataliia Shymko told about work on economy changes targeted at improvement of interaction between Customers and Suppliers in ProZorro system.

Changes on which the Ministry team is working at present:

Improvement of procedurefor submitting complaints

A possibility to pay for the complaints though the system itself is being developed and tested, which helps to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications between the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and complainant. It is also being considered a possibility of implementation of differential payment for the complaints: its reducing for small procurements and increasing for big one, as well as possibility of repayment of the costs for submission of the complaints in case of its sustaining.

Also, the changes in the procedure for submitting complaints will affect multi-lot procurements, rejections of all offers and cancellations of procurements on the basis of carried out bidding. 

Correction of submission mistakes

There are being considered changes, according to which on the basis of examination of tenders the Customer gives a feedback and a Supplier has an opportunity to correct and to download again the documents within 24 hours. You may do such correction once in the process of bidding and such changes shall not be associated with technical characteristics of the products.

Additional regulation of subthreshold procurements

In accordance with the bid, which is being examined by the Ministry at present, entire information about subthreshold procurements will be recorded to the system and exclusions (urgent procurements or procurements in non-sensitive markets) have to be fixed in Law.

Framework procurement

In accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine No. 1372 as of September 15, 2017, a possibility of introduction of framework procurements was approved and now is being implemented.  Framework procurements are directed to an operational support of demands of a Customer in case of repeated procurements of similar production. In practice, it means that in accordance with the results of the tenders several suppliers will be announced at the same time, who shall enter into framework agreement with a Customer (maximum for 4 years).

Novation is planned to be launched in the second quarter of 2018.

Electronic catalogues on subthreshold procurements

The project of creating an analogue of an online store including goods and Suppliers is being planned. The selection of the Suppliers will be carried out centrally.

After such informative introduction, the business participants were offered to continue with practical discussion of the Suppliers’ cases.  The cases were commented and a possible behaviour scenario of the disputed matter was offered by the CEO of the state enterprise ProZorro Vasyl Zadvornyi, leading lawyer of a Law Firm “Prave dilo” Mykola Smyrnov and representative of platform. 

Generally,32 practical cases with typical mistakes and questions were analysed.

Participation in business meetings where live communication between system participants and its creators takes place is an important opportunity for the team of the NAVIGATOR to join the dialogue on ProZorro transformations and to be familiar with the changes in the system, which helps to make offers more efficient and defend their position in case of arising of the grounds for submission of complaints.